Can you keep a secret?

Okay, so I hope you skipped through that awkward video encouraging you not to join CSEC. This will (hopefully) be the last time I will bring them up on this blog. Actually, I didn’t really need to, but I felt like using their slogan so I’m giving due credit.

Now, why would I care about whether you could keep a secret or not? Did I kill someone? Do I want to come out of the closet? Maybe. Now if I killed someone, wouldn’t it be really wrong for you not to tell the cops? Probably. And, I wouldn’t want you not to. Rather, who I want you to keep the knowledge secret from is me, Mansib Ramen. You heard it right. Don’t tell me that I told you that I killed someone. I don’t want to know. And for that matter, if you’re a relative or a close friend (as in someone that I’ve known well for at least a couple of years, you know who you are), never ever bring this blog up to me, ever. I don’t care if you like it and want to tell me how awesome it is (well I do care of course), don’t tell me. If you’re a relative and you come tell me how well I write and that you love my blog (I’m not saying I’m a great writer, but relatives tend to praise all of your work), I’ll be sorely pissed. Half because I don’t want to hear it and half because you clearly didn’t read.

This isn’t just some eccentric demand to piss on my bloodlines. The issue is that if I know you’re going to tell the cops that I killed someone, I’m clearly not going to disclose it. Likewise, if I’m going to see you the next day and have to hear about your opinion on my opinion, I’m going to stop having an opinion. I want to be able to write whatever I want as if no one was reading my blog, not as if I were being scrutinized by the whole wide world (by that I obviously mean my world.) There’s a possibility I’ll rescind this decision in the future when I’m a lot older, but for now I want to keep it this way.

So how do you contact me to give me your take? Well it’s simple. You can comment below any of my posts and leave your thoughts anonymously. If it’s concerning a grammatical or factual error,  I’d appreciate if you messaged me/sent an e-mail and I’ll rectify as soon as I can.

Just a quick note, if you’re someone who I don’t know that well, then do bring my blog up in person (or don’t feel shy to bring it up.) It’s always nice to hear that people have found my blog. I wouldn’t want to keep it a secret. 😉

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